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        The camshaft is a component in a piston engine. Its function is to control the opening and closing of the valve.
        The shape of the cam profile determines the valve lift, so the shape of the cam profile is the most important adjustment parameter in gas exchange and combustion processes.
        With the advancement of lightweight construction of camshafts and the development of low friction bearings, as well as functional extensions such as variable valve drive, camshafts have enormous potential in improving engine efficiency.
        Currently, there are numerous camshaft designs that can be applied to different applications and requirements

(For example, service life, cost, weight, friction, noise, functional expansion, etc.)

        NewCams provides global customers with cast camshafts, steel camshafts (forged or processed from solid materials), and assembled camshafts.
        The assembly of blanks and ready-made components is carried out through mass production. The extremely high product diversity enables NewCams to provide suitable solutions for various applications. Manufacturing is only carried out in modern fully automated production factories.

        NewCams ensures consistent high quality through this approach.

Casting Camshaft

The main production process for casting camshafts is ductile iron.

Cams with high requirements for rolling contact and induction hardened protrusions.


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The camshaft is a component in a piston engine.
Its function is to control the opening and closing of the valve.














Balance Shaft

A shaft equipped with an eccentric weight and rotating synchronously with the crankshaft,
Utilize the reverse vibration force generated by the eccentric weight block,
Enable the engine to achieve good balance and reduce engine vibration.

Other Shaft

Other Shaft there are motorcycle camshafts,
The oil pump camshaft includes other shaft products in the engine.















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